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Mortgage solutions designed to meet the needs of your clients

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                      CMI is your mortgage partner in all market conditions

                      The current economic environment has resulted in more stringent lending guidelines, preventing many borrowers from qualifying for traditional mortgage financing, especially those who are new immigrants, recently laid off, self-employed, or have a compromised credit history.

                      At CMI, we fully understand the challenges many of your clients are facing. That’s why we’ve purposefully designed our mortgage products and services to fill this gap in the market – to ensure the unique needs of your clients can be met.

                      Our common-sense approach to lending has enabled us to become Canada’s premier private lender. We offer your clients competitively priced, superior mortgage solutions with complete transparency. With CMI, there are no surprises.

                      First Mortgages

                      Whether your client is a first-time homebuyer or looking to move up to a larger home, a CMI First Mortgage might be the right option.

                      A CMI First Mortgage is generally short-term with interest-only payments, and ranges from three to twenty-four months, though custom terms are available. Our private first mortgages can also benefit clients who:

                      • Need quick financing without the long approval process of a traditional lender
                      • Have non-traditional income sources (i.e., business for self, performance-based)
                      • Require short-term financing

                      Second Mortgages

                      A CMI Second Mortgage can be a great way to consolidate debt, purchase a vacation property, fund a home renovation project or provide a source of emergency funds for unforeseen circumstances. CMI will consider borrowers with poor credit, including those with a previous bankruptcy.

                      To learn more about second mortgages, read our blog “12 Things You Didn’t Know About Second Mortgages.

                      Mortgage Bundles

                      If your client needs high ratio mortgage financing up to 80% LTV but is struggling to qualify, we can help. We can combine a first and second mortgage on the same property in a mortgage bundle. CMI offers the same rate and fee on both the first and second mortgage, with two registrations on one title. Your client only has to pay for legal fees associated with the first mortgage and we cover the rest.

                      Equity Mortgages

                      No income, no problem. The CMI Equity Mortgage is an excellent financing option for borrowers who struggle to meet the income requirements to qualify for either a new mortgage or a refinance. Available as a first or second mortgage, the CMI Equity Mortgages allow borrowers to leverage the equity in a residential property, such as a primary home, vacation home, or investment property, for several purposes, including consolidating high-interest debt, purchasing an investment property, or paying off tax arrears.

                      A borrower’s credit rating and income are less important in qualifying for an equity mortgage, so self-employed borrowers or those who were recently laid off are eligible.

                      Bridge Mortgages

                      Bridge the gap with a CMI Bridge Mortgage. This mortgage, available on both first and second mortgages, is the ideal solution for your clients who need immediate cash flow, generally for interim financing.

                      A bridge mortgage is often used to fund the down payment on a new home purchase that is scheduled to close before the sale of another property. We offer quick approvals, flexible terms and fast closings to support borrowers with an urgent need for funds.

                      Home Renovations Financing

                      CMI Home Renovation Financing is a flexible financing solution for borrowers who want to transform their home and increase its value at the same time. CMI Home Renovation Financing is a second mortgage, which provides borrowers with the cash they need to fund a home renovation at a much lower rate than a credit card by using the equity already in their home.

                      Whether your client wants to renovate, repair, or extend their home, we can provide a customized solution with flexible terms.

                      CMI Flyers

                      Custom Terms. Flexible Payment Options.

                      CMI offers flexible terms that typically range from three to twelve months no matter what mortgage solution your client needs. Custom terms are available if your client needs a shorter or longer term.

                      We’ll work with you to provide your clients with flexible payment and prepayment options. We can offer interest-only payments or arrange to prepay their mortgage for a portion or for the full term.


                      A CMI private mortgage is generally open on three months prepayment. This differs from many of our competitors who generally charge interest payments to the end of the term.

                      If your client wants to pay out the remainder of their mortgage, they can simply make a three-month prepayment. If the prepayment is in the last three months of the mortgage, the client only needs to prepay the interest owing for the remainder of the term.

                      Mortgage Submissions

                      Once you submit a complete broker submission package with all the necessary documentation, we can provide your client with approval and a commitment in as little as three hours.

                      You can also review the status of your mortgage submissions online at any time. Once a file is complete, CMI can close a deal in as short as two to four days (or even faster on a rush basis).

                      Learn More about Mortgage Submissions Guidelines

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                      Submitting your mortgage deals

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