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Essential tips for nurturing your lender relationships

There are many critical players in the mortgage brokerage process working towards the same goal: getting borrowers into the homes of their dreams. From the real estate agent to mortgage broker to lender, we all need to work together seamlessly to make the dream a reality. While developing relationships with clients and referral partners is a necessity, taking the time to foster your lender relationships is equally important.

A mutually supportive working relationship with your lenders’ broker relationship managers (BRMs) and underwriters is key to building trust and confidence. As important as it is to nurture these relationships, It can be challenging finding the time to check in, especially when you’re busy. In some cases, you may only reach out when onboarding a new client, at renewal time or when things aren’t going smoothly. 

Brokers often take on a lot of their clients’ anxieties throughout the mortgage process, and there is pressure to not disappoint. There may even be times when that frustration seeps into your communications. However, like any important relationship, if you’re proactive and take the time to understand each other’s goals and expectations, it can be greatly beneficial to your business. Ultimately, it will help you provide an exceptional experience to your clients. 

Building a strong foundation with lender partners starts with understanding the role that BRMs play as your go-to person. At private lenders like CMI, BRMs provide underwriting services and work closely with brokers to understand clients’ unique circumstances and financial background to either match them with an existing mortgage solution, or structure a personalized deal. 

Your BRM will advise you of the information and documentation required to process and approve a mortgage application, such as proof of income, down payment confirmation, as well as the appropriate due diligence to be followed. You and your BRM are working toward the same goal. By fostering a strong relationship built on mutual respect, you can structure better solutions and negotiate better terms for your clients.

strategies to help develop and strengthen your lender relationships

Here’s a few strategies to help develop and strengthen your lender relationships:

Package deals with care

When making submissions on behalf of your client, be sure that all required documentation is included and provide clear notes to help the underwriter get a full picture of your client’s situation. To present a complete story, be sure to cover the five Cs of credit: Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, and Conditions. Help us help you. 

Ask questions 

We are here for you. If you aren’t familiar with private mortgages, or would like expert advice before submitting a deal, CMI’s BRMs can answer any questions. BRMs can be a goldmine for useful information that can help increase your expertise, and build trust with clients. If you’re struggling to find solutions for your client, or you’d like to build your knowledge of private lending, reach out to your BRM over lunch or a coffee!

Take some time before reaching out 

It’s rewarding to see your business grow, but as you take on more clients and responsibilities, it can also be very stressful. If you’re feeling under pressure, or you receive unexpected news from your lending partner, it can be tempting to send an email or call your BRM in the heat of the moment. Like any difficult conversation, it’s always best to have it with a clear head. Take a moment to cool down before reaching out to protect that relationship that you’ve spent time and energy building. With a reasoned approach, you may be able to negotiate a solution that can still work for your client.

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