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Relax and recharge, CMI has your back


When you began your career in the mortgage industry, you likely figured out quickly that this job requires hard work, grit, and passion. Now, as your business and client base continue to grow, the illusive work-life balance may seem to move further and further out of reach. It’s easy to get tunnel vision while striving to provide excellent service and giving your clients all your attention, but it’s also important to unplug and take time off to recharge.


There are a number of helpful techniques you can implement in your business to better organize your time and create clearer boundaries. These would include time-blocking your schedule, setting monthly targets to allow time for a break at the end of the year or delegating to other members of your team.



But one of the most important strategies you can employ is building strong connections with lenders you can trust. If you know that your lenders have your back and have your clients’ best interests at heart, you can unplug guilt-free.


At CMI, we go the extra mile to ensure our broker partners feel comfortable and confident when dealing with us. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will handle each deal with complete integrity, deliver exceptional service and produce results.


We strive to provide an unparalleled experience from application to financing, and will work closely with you every step of the way to keep you and your client informed. Also, CMI does not work directly with borrowers, so you can trust that when you do choose to take some time away from your business, your lender is working to support you and not compete for your clients.


In addition, we have optimized our mortgage submission process from start to finish so you can get your client’s mortgage application to our underwriters quickly and hassle-free. We know how important your time is, and we don’t want to waste it.


That’s why we’ve invested significant resources into our digital servicing capabilities, and pride ourselves on our intuitive online platforms. Even before submission, we encourage you to reach out to us for advice on potential deals, to discuss scenarios, assess the merits in submitting your deal and get help with deal structuring. At any point in the process, if you have any questions or concerns, you can count on us to respond quickly.



As Canada’s premier private lender, you can trust CMI to close difficult deals that other lenders would immediately turn away, and offer your clients a helping hand when no one else would. We take a common-sense approach to each situation and to every client,  and we welcome the opportunity to work with borrowers that have non-traditional employment or income sources.


CMI also has no minimum beacon score, which means we can work with your borrowers that banks can’t accommodate. Offering these solutions will increase client loyalty and build an important referral network, so you can help more clients – better and faster. We can have your deal reviewed and approved with a commitment issued the same day, often in as little as an hour.  We are committed to helping your clients access the flexible financing they need as quickly as possible.


At CMI, our business was built on integrity, excellence, and results. We work hard to build your trust so you can take time off, create boundaries, and find a better work-life balance, while never sacrificing the service to your clients.


Next Steps

Whether you are a new broker or a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to take stock of your business and look for ways to improve, continue to drive success, and best serve your clients.

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