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The Retirement Savings Series Part 2 – Adding Value Through Strategic Partnerships with Investment Advisors


There are very few things that are certain in the mortgage industry, but one of them is the importance of adding value to clients’ experiences in order to stand out from the competition. In Part 1 of our Retirement Savings blog series, we discussed adding value by sharing simple tips to help clients create healthy savings habits and come up with a retirement plan as early as possible. Going one step further, consider partnering with a financial planner or investment advisor to provide a unique value proposition to clients who could benefit from the more specialized advice they can offer to grow your investment nest egg. 


When reviewing client applications, you may notice assets in low or zero-growth investments or a lack of retirement savings altogether. You can add value by recommending that your clients speak with  a financial advisor. In addition, many borrowers may be unsure of how buying a home will fit into their retirement plan. They could benefit from holistic advice that considers their full financial picture. 


Not only will you be providing clients with an avenue to continue on their journey to improving their financial well-being, but partnering with an investment advisor or financial planner can also help you build a strong referral base for your mortgage business. Fostering a strong reciprocal relationship can ideally lead these advisors to refer clients back to you for their borrowing needs. In addition, according to Loan Officer Hub, more than  80% of mortgage brokers make referrals to earn referrals. 


Many clients would benefit from financial advice on how to build an investment portfolio aligned to their investment objectives and risk profile in order to maximize their wealth. This could include borrowing to take advantage of RRSP contribution room, or leveraging your home equity to purchase a rental property. 


Here are some valuable tips to help you expand your referral network with select investment professionals, including financial planners and investment advisors.


Network with other professionals on social media 

Social media is extremely important in today’s digital landscape. Increasing your online presence can help you connect with other financial professionals, while also showcasing the value you add to clients, the services you can provide, and how teaming up with you could be mutually beneficial. It’s important to be consistent with your social media posts, ensure that content is current or “evergreen” (relevant for a long time), to encourage interactions. CMI ‘s Operations Lead – Mortgage Originations, Cynthia Clark, hosted a webinar on social media marketing for today’s mortgage professionals. In this webinar, Cynthia provided an overview of the “big four” social media platforms and discussed their benefits, drawbacks and best practices. You can see a replay of the webinar here.


Join a networking group

Most networking groups have a diverse membership, which provides an opportunity to meet and connect with professionals in a variety of fields. It’s a great way to forge new business and personal relationships. There may be an opportunity to join a sub-committee and get involved in a more meaningful way. You can showcase your expertise while giving back at the same time. is an excellent resource to find networking groups in your local area.


Get involved in your community

As lockdowns and restrictions are lifted and local events and activities start up again, it could be a great way to meet referral partners while giving back to your community. Consider joining your local chamber of commerce and attending other industry networking events (in-person or virtually) to meet other financial professionals.


Make sure it’s a two-way street 

When you find an investment advisor or financial planner that appreciates your skills, approach and experience enough to refer business to you, you need to make an effort to reciprocate whenever possible. Make sure you’ve got their contact information readily available to pass along to any client that may seem like a good fit for their investment services. Whenever you refer someone, send your referral partner a note so that they are prepared in advance, and to let them know that you referred them a potential new client. 


Before you start referring clients to a financial planner or investment advisor, make sure your  business values and views on financial advice are aligned. You can also take this opportunity to discuss different investment options. CMI offers mortgage investment products through our suite of Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC) funds. Partnering with a financial advisor is an opportunity to become an invaluable resource to your clients, create a long-lasting referral source and grow your business. 


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